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Oh ohhhh sort of npr

10 Yesterday

Dogs who have been to my guesthouse

7 Thursday

Dog barking

8 Wednesday


8 Wednesday


1 Tuesday

Diffrent cultural perceptions of dogs & cats

8 Tuesday

Cat's love turned to hostility

3 Tuesday

Advice please

5 Tuesday

Pet bereavement

11 Monday

New pics now on

6 Monday

A few pics for Rachel:)

13 Monday

Toilet special for cats

1 Sunday

I Am Back! npr!
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20 Sunday

Good luck AC
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37 Fri, 17 Feb

Drawing projects part1

14 Thu, 16 Feb

Female Yellow belly slider

0 Thu, 16 Feb

New plans to crack down on backstreet puppy breede

6 Thu, 16 Feb

Who needs sheep to roundup??

11 Thu, 16 Feb

It's lambing time again:)

11 Thu, 16 Feb

Npr if you want to see pics go

1 Wed, 15 Feb

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