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C5 airbag light/no horn

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Can anyone help???

I’ve got a 2001 C5 HDI and over the last few months my airbag light has been coming on and off....well now its on permanently!

Last weekend my horn also stopped working. I’ve been to my local Citroen mechanic who is great at helping and favours and he plugged in the diagnostic which showed that the airbag was caused by the upper and lower squib connectors.

Now unlike the Xantia the seat belt pre tensioner connectors are within the seat belt harnesses and I’m guessing that this is the electronic ring that surrounds the horn/airbag/steering wheel assembly.
I know that there is a clip either side of the wheel which allows the airbag/steering wheel centre to move forward a notch but I cant seen to get the bugger out.

Anybody else ever had the same fault or knows how to remove the steering wheel centre?

Cheers, Steve

Saturday, 4 March 2006

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Hi to all who viewed my message.
Ive had the fault diagnosed as my upper and lower squib connector. these are basically the connectors that extend from the Comm 2000 unit which is the indicator/light switch stalk.
The units are Delphi and Im being quoted £140 + VAT from my Citroen dealer, luckily I work in Automotive and know a lot of people in different areas and actually know the suppliers to Delphi of this part so a bottle of wine is worth a freebe Com 2000!

When I do replace the unit (which I believe is common to Xsaras and C5s and I think 307s and 407s - but dont quote me!) Im going to strip down the whole unit to see if they are repairable as I am hearing that this is a common fault!

I'll keep you posted....oh and to remove the airbag on a C5 is an absolute bugger! its a big struggle with a couply of hefty screwdrivers to keep the 2 spring clips open for the bag to slide out!


Friday, 17 March 2006

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Hi Stave
Sounds as though you have a very useful contact - keep supplying the vino.

Thursday, 23 March 2006

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