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Ford ka tappet adjustment

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I have a P reg petrol Ford KA from new and apart from a clutch slave cylinder, battery and tyres we have had zero problems. We noticed recently tappet noise increasing where it now sounds like an old diesel. Are the tappets self adjusting or can they be manually adjusted and is it much of a job requiring special tools?


Tuesday, 11 April 2006

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have you got the endura engine? if so the tappets are not self adjusting but are easy to do,good feeler gauge,makes a bit of difference doing them but prob won't quieten right down...woody

Tuesday, 11 April 2006

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The tappets are manually adjusted on these engines.
When were the tappets last done ?
When was the oil last changed ?
If memory serves the valve clearances are -
0.20 mm for inlet valves
0.30 mm for exhaust valves
Cant remember what that is in old school measurements but about
8 thou &
23 thou
ring a bell approx (I THINK ...)
But if you take the rocker cover off check for sludge or carbon that could partially block the oil ways.
However as woody says once they get noisy they dont always quieten down again even after adjustment of valves.

Tuesday, 11 April 2006
Edited Tuesday, 11 April 2006

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