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problems with kinroad xt 50 q hld50-2

Joined Oct 2006
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elec start dose not work proply gear bar bends esly petel tap cracks and leacks petrol evrywere if you smell petrol when riding your bike turn of the bike and dismount turn of the petrol and stad back till it cools down if posabull get some1 to tack it home 4 u or push it home because if the petrel gets on the engen the hoal bike will blow up

Wednesday, 4 October 2006

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petrol will not spontaiously combust just cause its come into contact with a hot place. petrol needs a spark to ignite. and i regularily spill petrol all over my engine at the pumps and its never gone up in flames.
and regards to quality of your kinroad, you pay peanuts you get monkeys. all im going to say

Thursday, 5 October 2006
Edited Thursday, 5 October 2006

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