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peugeot 406 hdi cutting out

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My father owns a y reg 406 hdi estate that has carried him around for over three years without any problems,until last week when he came out of the hairdressers and it refused to start.We quickly sussed out that the fuel pump in the tank wasnt working and replaced it with a used one from a wright off £40 against £130,This seemed to cure it and 5 minutes with the scanner sorted the engine managment and immision lights.But when we took it for a drive it cut out repeatedly.Faulty second hand pump i hear you say.So £130 pounds later we fit the brand new pump and its exactly the same.So its taken to peugeot who come up with the theory that there is contaminated diesel in the tank.They tell us the cause is the high pressure pump breaking down and throwing debris into the tank.The solution to this is 2 new pumps new fuel lines filter head 4 injectors and various valves cosing £3700.This is far more than the car is worth so we take it away and price a reconditioned high pressure pump £250 but we cant have it until saturday so we have a play,The fuel filter is changed but the car wont rev up beyond 2000 rpm my mate then has a meddle with the 2 solenoid valves on the bulkhead and my son repeatedly pressed the emergency fuel cut off switch the car revs up ok and has not cut out yet also the engine warning and emission lights that came back on after fitting the second pump have gone out of there own accord.Could someone tell me what was wrong with it .

Thursday, 12 October 2006

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what you have here is a peugeot dealer who is cross referencing a 306 HDI fault with a 4O6 HDI fault. The high pressure pumps are cast in sand, and This sand is not cleaned out properly on some pumps, pre production. The resulting issue is that the tank, lines, injectors etc become contaminated with small particals. This is a know fault on the 306 HDI but not the 406 HDI. on the 306 the whole fuel system had to be changed.
The low pressure pumps are noted for going down in the tank on the 406 HDI. usually this fault occurs after filling the tank right up but not always.
you say you have changed the fuel filter but have you changed the fuel filter housing as well?. Try this first if you have not done it.

Thursday, 12 October 2006

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change the double relay next to your engine ECU, this runs the low pressure pump and can shut off when it gets hot

Saturday, 14 October 2006

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