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Citroen Berlingo - dash problems

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I'm having a few problems with my 04 plate Citroen Berlingo 1.9Hdi van (they may all be linked).

Since I bought it, the dash display/trip computer hasn't worked. When I turn the ignition key, the time does come up on the centre console but it stays at the time of starting. I.E. If I start the van at 7.30AM, then the clock will come up as 7.30AM and stay at that time until the engine is switched off. Both trip switches (on the indicator and wiper levers) don't do anything when pressed. There is also no display to the left of the time on the centre console. For example, if you open a door, then it will show "right door open", but the text wont go away, so "right door open" will stay displayed until the engine is switched off.
The van does have a car phone kit + aftermarket stereo. I'm hoping it's something as simple as a fuse or a terminator on the stereo preventing the system from working?

There is one other fault I'm a little more worried about, although could just be the ABS kicking in. When I brake VERY hard, after the pressure is released from the pedal, the STOP in the centre of the speedo lights up red, the warning light (usually lit when the handbrake is on) comes on + there is a single beep when both these are lit. I would normally say ABS, but it seems to be after the pressure is released from the pedal and I can't feel anything like that kicking in?

My pads are squeaking a little, so I've booked them in for a replacement. Could this fault be the ABS, or a warning to change the pads? Or am I in the total wrong area here.

Don't have Haynes Manual as yet, so any help before then would be muchly appreciated :)



Tuesday, 6 May 2008

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Joined May 2008
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Ok, I've solved one of the two problems...

The STOP light coming on as well as the WARNING light and a BLEEP. This would happen after braking VERY hard. One of the brake cylinders were leaking, the lack of pressure in the system was causing the warning lights. All done and solved.

As for the dashboard problem - I'm still having problems with it. I've got a strong suspicion it's something to do with either the phone kit or aftermarket stereo?
I know both the original stereo + the car kit both use controls linked with this. I got the Haynes Manual today, so I'm going to uninstall the car phone kit + check the appropriate fuses. Also remove the head unit to see if there's any difference?

Any further help would be really good - once I've cured this problem I have a fully working van :)


Wednesday, 7 May 2008

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