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Mr. Bob

Shown off by MCNIK7, Preloved member since Oct 2012

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What's your dog's name?

Mr. Bob

How old are they?

16 years

What breed are they?

Jack Russell

Did you find them on Preloved?


Tell us what makes them such a one-off character?

Mr.Bob thinks he is a little person. Despite having a heart murmer diagnosed when he was 8,he lives life to the full and is a very dapper chappie with a jaunty trot. He loves being out and about and then enjoys a power nap. He gets and expects the best things in life and certainly believes in life's for living. He has a network of canine,equine and human friends and is a very gentle,sensitive and refined old gent, who loves going places for a social.

What's the funniest or worst thing your dog's ever done?

When he was growing up he played with my Rotti X with a frisbee and would hang on to it with his legs swinging in the air when the large dog retrieved it and charged back to me. This was in a field at the roadside and traffic would stop for people to watch.

Tell us why they deserve to be Preloved's Perfect Pooch?

Mr.Bob has brought me 16 years of joy. He has the brave heart of a lion, the comical antics of a meercat and the sensitivity of a butterfly. He is the perfect companion and I am very lucky to have him. He makes each day special. Thank-you Mr.Bob x

Submitted: 31 August 2013

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