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Mercedes Benz W124 E200 Review

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Reviewed November 2010.

Performance Reliability
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Parts Availability Overall Value for Money
***** *****

I bought the a Mercedes 200E W124 Year 1991 in the year 1999. That's a 9 year old car with 167000km travelled. Used it for 1 year & decided to rebuild it. So I send it to a reputable wokshop hve the engine rebuilt from scratch. Also transmission overhauled & complete paint job. It cost US$7500/=.

It came out looking as good as new & I have been using it quite happily without any issues.

Now that it running its tenth year, the fuel consumption is quite high. I think its about time to do an complete ovehaul again.

This car is Rock solid & Safe !
As long you maintain it well like taking care of even the smallest problem which does arise from time to time, you will treasure it.

I have owned Japanese & Alfas & BMWs. But driving this Merz is total Satisfaction at Minimum cost. No doubt about it

Best car & probably over enginnered to last forever.....

Safe & Solid
None in my opinion
Reviewing a 1991 model.
Mercedes 200E W124 8valves
Owned for more than 5 years.

foo c m
Reviewed April 2009.

Performance Reliability
***** *****
Parts Availability Overall Value for Money
***** *****

I am motoring on a budget and bought a 6th hand pre-owned MB W124 E200. Yessiree that's SIXTH hand. I am his 7th owner. Poor thing had more than 350,000km on the odometer, and is 19 yr old (I am advised in car terms that's equal to 95 yrs in a human!). I bought it at about 15% of its original when-new ticket price, invested another roughly equivalent sum doing up the transmission, gear box, miscellaneous engine-part fixes and replacements etc and it now runs like new. My mechanic claims the nearly perfect paint-job is original and I do not doubt him - he looks new after a $100 polish-job. Its not for no reason that the British motoring press nicknamed the W124 the Brick Shithouse or Der Bunker - its built as sturdily as one! B-)

Oh yes, you should drop everything do you do and buy a copy of ''Autopia - Cars & Culture'' (Ed. Peter Woller & Joe Kerr), available off Amazon.Com.

Built like a German Bunker!!
As stylish, snazzy and swift as a German Bunker!
Reviewing a 1990 model.
MB W124 E200 fuel-injected
Owned for 4 years.


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